In case you missed February’s updates, Wearblack just held another Black Talks session on Thursday, 20th February 2020 at Musat Coffe Space. On the second Black Talks session, Wearblack discusses the importance of saving for the youth divided into three subtopics such as saving energy, saving money, and saving opportunity.

The first topic, Saving Energy, was brought by Cheryl Pangestu, is an undergraduate student in International Relations at Parahyangan Catholic University. Being involved in various social activities both on and off campus, such as English Debating Society and #KawanBacaRimba, makes Cheryl busy with her schedule arrangement and often sees it difficult to handle. This also could getting worse by the habit of procrastinating.

For Cheryl, procrastinating is definetly the opposite of saving energy. Procrastinating soaks up your energy by making you stressed and anxious about your unfinished tasks. Furthermore, delaying makes us unable to do our best performance that is not representing our own goals and qualities.

To avoid this, Cheryl gave three suggestions : project your goals, know your limits, and be strategic. First, we must first recognize what kind of interests and goals we want to achieve. Ask yourself, ‘What do I need to achieve in this specific timeframe?’ And ‘What do I really like?’. Second, reflect on how our goals are in accordance with our capacity and do our goals make us better? Third, be specific in making a schedule. Cheryl recommends using the weekly planner and to-do-list. Plan your day, as spesific as you can. Last but not least, always be kind to yoursef. Don’t push yourself way too hard and always give yourself a little reward after accomplishing certain tasks.

The second topic, Saving Money, was brought by Fridericiana Marie Pasasa, business student at the Bandung Institute of Technology. Being an entrepreneur by starting a bath bomb business called Daily Maiimi, it made Marie financially independent since she was in middle school. Although it has a fairly large amount of routine income, it turns out that the amount of expenditure also grew. The notion of “my money, my rights” makes it wasteful and saveless. In fact after being reviewed, most of the expenses are “little treats” which accumulate into unnecessary expenses.

This habit was later handled by applying the theory of 70-20-10 in dividing her monthly expenses. Seventy percent of expenditure is allocated for fixed expenses, such as buying food, reload credit, and top-up online payment. Next, set aside thirty percent of expenses for entertainment such as watching a movie or eating beautiful at a fancy restaurant. Finally, set aside ten percent to save. According to Marie, if we are already familiar with the 70-20-10 theory we can replace it with a 60-20-20 division, so that our total savings are increased.

Last but not least, this session was closed by Hendry Samuel Pangaribuan discussed about Saving Opportunity. This international relations student at Parahyangan Catholic University explained that not every opportunity is a beneficial opportunity. In his case as a secretary general for Parahyangan Model UN Society, he is offered two opportunities: to go on summer holiday with friends and to mentor a model UN competition. Both are opportunities, but our priorities is something that really determines how valuable an opportunity is.

He later explained that he would rather be skipped the mentorship opportunity than a summer holiday with his friends. Why? For him, a little quality time with friends on their last year in college is something that never comes twice. Meanwhile, the chance to become a judge can come another time. For most people, the choice he made might be unfortunate, but according to Hendry the choice he made was his life priority. Although, of course there are risks already considered. According to him, every choice and ideals that we pursue have risks and sacrifices.

Hendry explained that each person’s priorities can be different, so don’t be afraid to have different choices from other people. Furthermore, an opportunity can be beneficial if it is in accordance with our interests and talents, especially in young adulthood who are beginning to determine the career path. “I can perform my best when I am myself” will always be his life motto. Hendry believes that saving opportunity is an alignment when you can analyze an opportunity and yourself as well to be the best version of yourself.

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